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Elite on the BBC Micro and NES

Combat demo: CalculateGridLines

[NES version, Bank 6]

Name: CalculateGridLines [Show more] Type: Subroutine Category: Combat demo Summary: Reset the line coordinate tables and populate them with the characters for a specified scroll text
Context: See this subroutine in context in the source code References: This subroutine is called as follows: * DrawScrollText calls CalculateGridLines

Arguments: (Y X) The content of the scroll text to display
Returns: INF(1 0) The content of the scroll text to display
.CalculateGridLines STX INF ; Set INF(1 0) = (Y X) STY INF+1 SETUP_PPU_FOR_ICON_BAR ; If the PPU has started drawing the icon bar, configure ; the PPU to use nametable 0 and pattern table 0 ; We start by clearing out the buffer at Y1TB LDY #240 ; The buffer contains 240 bytes, so set a byte counter ; in Y LDA #0 ; Set A = 0 so we can zero the buffer .resg1 STA Y1TB-1,Y ; Zero the entry Y - 1 in Y1TB DEY ; Decrement the byte counter BNE resg1 ; Loop back until we have reset the whole Y1TB buffer ; We now populate the grid line buffer with the lines ; for the scroll text at INF(1 0) LDX #0 ; Set XP = 0, so the scroll text starts at x-coordinate STX XP ; 0, on the left of the screen LDA #5*W2Y ; Set YP so the scroll text starts five lines of scroll STA YP ; text down the screen (as W2Y is the height of each ; line in scroll text coordinates) LDY #0 ; Set XC = 0, so we start from the first character of STY XC ; INF(1 0) LDA #4 ; Set LASCT = 4, so we process four lines of text in the STA LASCT ; following loop .resg2 JSR GRIDSET+5 ; Populate the line coordinate tables with the pixel ; lines for one 21-character line of scroll text, ; drawing the line at (0, YP) LDA YP ; Set YP = YP - W2Y SEC ; SBC #W2Y ; So YP moves down the screen by one line (as W2Y is the STA YP ; height of each line in scroll text coordinates) DEC LASCT ; Decrement the loop counter in LASCT BNE resg2 ; Loop back until we have processed LASCT lines of ; scroll text RTS ; Return from the subroutine