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Elite on the BBC Micro and NES

Game data

[BBC Master version]

BBC MASTER ELITE GAME DATA FILE SOURCE BBC Master Elite was written by Ian Bell and David Braben and is copyright Acornsoft 1986 The code on this site has been reconstructed from a disassembly of the version released on Ian Bell's personal website at The commentary is copyright Mark Moxon, and any misunderstandings or mistakes in the documentation are entirely my fault The terminology and notations used in this commentary are explained at The deep dive articles referred to in this commentary can be found at
This source file produces the following binary file: * BDATA.bin
INCLUDE "1-source-files/main-sources/elite-build-options.asm" CPU 1 \ Switch to 65SC12 assembly, as this code runs on a \ BBC Master _SNG47 = (_VARIANT = 1) _COMPACT = (_VARIANT = 2) GUARD &C000 \ Guard against assembling over MOS memory
Configuration variables
RE = &23 \ The obfuscation byte used to hide the recursive tokens \ table from crackers viewing the binary code VE = &57 \ The obfuscation byte used to hide the extended tokens \ table from crackers viewing the binary code
CODE% = &7000 LOAD% = &1300 ORG CODE%
Name: Dashboard image [Show more] Type: Variable Category: Loader Summary: The binary for the dashboard image
Context: See this variable on its own page References: No direct references to this variable in this source file

The data file contains the dashboard binary, which gets moved into screen memory by the loader: * P.DIALS2P.bin contains the dashboard, which gets moved to screen address &7000, which is the starting point of the eight-colour mode 2 portion at the bottom of the split screen
.DIALS INCBIN "1-source-files/images/P.DIALS2P.bin" SKIP 256 \ These bytes appear to be unused, but they get moved to \ &7E00-&7EFF along with the dashboard