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Elite on the BBC Micro

Workspaces: K%

[BBC Master version]

Name: K% [Show more] Type: Workspace Address: &0400 to &0800 Category: Workspaces Summary: Ship data blocks and ship line heaps Deep dive: Ship data blocks The local bubble of universe
Context: See this workspace in context in the source code Variations: See code variations for this workspace in the different versions References: This workspace is used as follows: * ANGRY uses K% * DCS1 uses K% * DOEXP uses K% * MAS2 uses K% * MAS3 uses K% * Main flight loop (Part 1 of 16) uses K% * Main flight loop (Part 14 of 16) uses K% * Main flight loop (Part 9 of 16) uses K% * Main game loop (Part 4 of 6) uses K% * SPS3 uses K% * SPS4 uses K% * TAS4 uses K% * UNIV uses K% * VCSU1 uses K% * WARP uses K%

Contains ship data for all the ships, planets, suns and space stations in our local bubble of universe. The blocks are pointed to by the lookup table at location UNIV. The first 720 bytes of the K% workspace hold ship data on up to 20 ships, with 37 (NI%) bytes per ship. See the deep dive on "Ship data blocks" for details on ship data blocks, and the deep dive on "The local bubble of universe" for details of how Elite stores the local universe in K%, FRIN and UNIV.
ORG &0400 .K% SKIP 0 \ Ship data blocks and ship line heap