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Elite on the BBC Micro and NES

Combat demo: DrawScrollFrames

[NES version, Bank 6]

Name: DrawScrollFrames [Show more] Type: Subroutine Category: Combat demo Summary: Draw a scroll text over multiple frames Deep dive: The NES combat demo
Context: See this subroutine in context in the source code References: This subroutine is called as follows: * DrawScrollText calls DrawScrollFrames
.DrawScrollFrames LDA controller1A ; If the A button is being pressed on controller 1, jump BMI scfr1 ; to scfr1 to speed up the scroll text LDA iconBarChoice ; If the fast-forward button has not been chosen on the CMP #12 ; icon bar, jump to scfr2 to leave the speed as it is BNE scfr2 LDA #0 ; Set iconBarChoice = 0 to clear the icon button choice STA iconBarChoice ; so we don't process it again .scfr1 ; If we get here then either the A button has been ; pressed or the fast-forward button has been chosen on ; the icon bar LDA #9 ; Set the scroll text speed to 9 (fast) STA scrollTextSpeed .scfr2 JSR FlipDrawingPlane ; Flip the drawing bitplane so we draw into the bitplane ; that isn't visible on-screen JSR DrawScrollFrame ; Draw one frame of the scroll text JSR DrawBitplaneInNMI ; Configure the NMI to send the drawing bitplane to the ; PPU after drawing the box edges and setting the next ; free tile number LDA iconBarChoice ; If no buttons have been pressed on the icon bar while BEQ scfr3 ; drawing the frame, jump to scfr3 to skip the following ; instruction JSR CheckForPause_b0 ; If the Start button has been pressed then process the ; pause menu and set the C flag, otherwise clear it .scfr3 LDA scrollProgress ; Set scrollProgress = scrollProgress - scrollTextSpeed SEC ; SBC scrollTextSpeed ; So we update the scroll text progress STA scrollProgress BCS DrawScrollFrames ; If the subtraction didn't underflow then the value of ; scrollProgress is still positive and there is more ; scrolling to be done, so loop back to the start of ; the routine to keep going RTS ; Return from the subroutine