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Elite on the BBC Micro

Copy protection: SOMEPROT (6502SP version)

Name: SOMEPROT [View in context] Type: Subroutine Category: Copy protection Summary: Implement the OSWORD 249 command (some copy protection) Deep dive: 6502 Second Processor Tube communication
This routine is run when the parasite sends an OSWORD 249 command with a parameter block at OSSC(1 0). The parameter block is empty when the command is sent, and this routine copies the code between do65202 and end65C02 to the parameter block, just after the two size bytes.
.SOMEPROT LDY #2 \ Set a counter in Y to go from 2 to 2 + protlen, so \ we copy bytes from do65202 to end65C02 into byte #2 \ onwards in the parameter block pointed to by OSSC .SMEPRTL LDA do65C02-2,Y \ Copy the Y-th byte of do65202 to the Y+2-th byte of STA (OSSC),Y \ the OSWORD parameter block INY \ Increment the loop counter CPY #protlen+2 \ Loop back to copy the next byte until we have copied BCC SMEPRTL \ the whole of do65202 to end65C02 to the OSWORD block, \ so it can be run by the parasite RTS \ Return from the subroutine