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Elite on the BBC Micro

Main loop: Main game loop for flight (Part 2 of 6) [Elite-A, Parasite]

Name: Main game loop for flight (Part 2 of 6) [Show more] Type: Subroutine Category: Main loop Summary: Update the main loop counters
Context: See this subroutine in context in the source code References: No direct references to this subroutine in this source file
.TT100_FLIGHT JSR M% \ Call M% to iterate through the main flight loop DEC DLY \ Decrement the delay counter in DLY, so any in-flight \ messages get removed once the counter reaches zero BEQ me2_flight \ If DLY is now 0, jump to me2_flight to remove any \ in-flight message from the space view, and once done, \ return to me3_flight below, skipping the following \ two instructions BPL me3_flight \ If DLY is positive, jump to me3_flight to skip the \ next instruction INC DLY \ If we get here, DLY is negative, so we have gone too \ and need to increment DLY back to 0 .me3_flight DEC MCNT \ Decrement the main loop counter in MCNT BEQ d_3fd4 \ If the counter has reached zero, which it will do \ every 256 main loops, skip the next JMP instruction \ (or to put it another way, if the counter hasn't \ reached zero, jump down to MLOOP, skipping all the \ following checks) .ytq_flight JMP MLOOP_FLIGHT \ Jump down to MLOOP_FLIGHT to do some end-of-loop \ tidying and restart the main loop \ We only get here once every 256 iterations of the \ main loop. If we aren't in witchspace and don't \ already have 3 or more asteroids in our local bubble, \ then this section has a 13% chance of spawning \ something benign (the other 87% of the time we jump \ down to consider spawning cops, pirates and bounty \ hunters) \ \ If we are in that 13%, then 50% of the time this will \ be a Cobra Mk III trader, and the other 50% of the \ time it will either be an asteroid (98.5% chance) or, \ very rarely, a cargo canister (1.5% chance) .me2_flight LDA MCH \ Fetch the token number of the current message into A JSR MESS \ Call MESS to print the token, which will remove it \ from the screen as printing uses EOR logic LDA #0 \ Set the delay in DLY to 0, so any new in-flight STA DLY \ messages will be shown instantly JMP me3_flight \ Jump back into the main spawning loop at me3_flight .d_3fd4 LDA MJ \ If we are in witchspace following a mis-jump, skip the BNE ytq_flight \ following by jumping down to MLOOP_FLIGHT (via \ ytq_flight above) JSR DORND \ Set A and X to random numbers CMP #51 \ If A >= 51 (80% chance), jump down to MTT1 to skip BCS MTT1 \ the spawning of an asteroid or cargo canister and \ potentially spawn something else LDA JUNK \ If we already have 3 or more bits of junk in the local CMP #3 \ bubble, jump down to MTT1 to skip the following and BCS MTT1 \ potentially spawn something else JSR rand_posn \ Call rand_posn to set up the INWK workspace for a ship \ in a random ship position BVS MTT4 \ If V flag is set (50% chance), jump up to MTT4 to \ spawn a trader ORA #%01101111 \ Take the random number in A and set bits 0-3 and 5-6, STA INWK+29 \ so the result has a 50% chance of being positive or \ negative, and a 50% chance of bits 0-6 being 127. \ Storing this number in the roll counter therefore \ gives our new ship a fast roll speed with a 50% \ chance of having no damping, plus a 50% chance of \ rolling clockwise or anti-clockwise LDA SSPR \ If we are inside the space station safe zone, jump BNE MLOOPS \ down to MLOOPS to skip the following and potentially \ spawn something else TXA \ Set A to the random X we set above, which we haven't BCS MTT2 \ used yet, and if the C flag is set (50% chance) jump \ down to MTT2 to skip the following AND #15 \ Set the ship speed to our random number, reduced to STA INWK+27 \ the range 0 to 15 BCC MTT3 \ Jump down to MTT3, skipping the following (this BCC \ is effectively a JMP as we know the C flag is clear, \ having passed through the BCS above) .MTT2 ORA #%01111111 \ Set bits 0-6 of A to 127, leaving bit 7 as random, so STA INWK+30 \ storing this number in the pitch counter means we have \ full pitch with no damping, with a 50% chance of \ pitching up or down .MTT3 JSR DORND \ Set A and X to random numbers CMP #10 \ If random A >= 10 (96% of the time), set the C flag AND #1 \ Reduce A to a random number that's 0 or 1 ADC #OIL \ Set A = #OIL + A + C, so there's a tiny chance of us \ spawning a cargo canister (#OIL) and an even chance of \ us spawning either a boulder (#OIL + 1) or an asteroid \ (#OIL + 2) BNE horde_plain \ Jump to horde_plain to spawn a whole pack of cargo \ canisters, boulders or asteroids, according to the \ value of A (the BNE is effectivey a JMP, as A will \ never be zero)