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Elite on the BBC Micro and NES

Dashboard: DrawDashNames

[NES version, Bank 3]

Name: DrawDashNames [Show more] Type: Subroutine Category: Dashboard Summary: Draw the dashboard into both the nametable buffers
Context: See this subroutine in context in the source code References: This subroutine is called as follows: * DrawDashNames_b3 calls DrawDashNames
.DrawDashNames LDY #7*32 ; We are about to draw the dashboard, which consists of ; 7 rows of 32 tiles, so set a tile counter in Y to use ; as an index into the dashNames table, so we can copy ; the nametable entries from dashNames into the ; nametable buffer .ddsh1 SETUP_PPU_FOR_ICON_BAR ; If the PPU has started drawing the icon bar, configure ; the PPU to use nametable 0 and pattern table 0 LDA dashNames-1,Y ; Set A to the Y-th nametable entry in dashNames ; ; Note that we fetch from dashNames-1 as the screen is ; horizontally scrolled by one tile (see below) STA nameBuffer0+22*32,Y ; Store the nametable entry in both nametable STA nameBuffer1+22*32,Y ; buffers, so that the dashboard starts at row 22 DEY ; Decrement the tile counter in Y BNE ddsh1 ; Loop back to write the next nametable entry until we ; have written all 7 rows of 32 tiles ; Because the horizontal scroll in PPU_SCROLL is set to ; 8, the leftmost tile on each row is scrolled around to ; the right side, which means that in terms of tiles, ; column 1 is the left edge of the screen, then columns ; 2 to 31 form the body of the screen, and column 0 is ; the right edge of the screen ; ; We therefore have to fix the tiles that appear at the ; end of each row, i.e. column 0 on row 22 (for the end ; of the top row of the dashboard) all the way down to ; column 0 on row 28 (for the end of the bottom row of ; the dashboard) LDA nameBuffer0+23*32 ; Wrap around the scrolled tile on row 22 STA nameBuffer0+22*32 LDA nameBuffer0+24*32 ; Wrap around the scrolled tile on row 23 STA nameBuffer0+23*32 LDA nameBuffer0+25*32 ; Wrap around the scrolled tile on row 24 STA nameBuffer0+24*32 LDA nameBuffer0+26*32 ; Wrap around the scrolled tile on row 25 STA nameBuffer0+25*32 ; Interestingly, the scrolled tile on row 26 is omitted, ; though I'm not sure why LDA nameBuffer0+28*32 ; Wrap around the scrolled tile on row 27 STA nameBuffer0+27*32 LDA nameBuffer0+29*32 ; Wrap around the scrolled tile on row 28 STA nameBuffer0+28*32 ; Finally, we have to clear up the overspill in column 0 ; on row 29 LDA #0 ; Set the first tile on row 29 to the blank tile STA nameBuffer0+29*32 RTS ; Return from the subroutine