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Elite on the BBC Micro and NES

Keyboard: IKNS

[BBC Master version]

Name: IKNS [Show more] Type: Variable Category: Keyboard Summary: Lookup table for in-flight keyboard controls Deep dive: The key logger
Context: See this variable in context in the source code Variations: See code variations for this variable in the different versions References: This variable is used as follows: * FILLKL uses IKNS

Keyboard table for in-flight controls. This table contains the internal key codes for the flight keys, EOR'd with &FF to invert each bit. The pitch, roll, speed and laser keys (i.e. the seven primary flight control keys) have bit 7 set, so they have 128 added to their internal values. This doesn't appear to be used anywhere.
.IKNS EQUB &DD EOR &FF \ E KYTB+0 KY13 E.C.M. EQUB &DC EOR &FF \ T KYTB+1 KY10 Arm missile EQUB &CA EOR &FF \ U KYTB+2 KY11 Unarm missile EQUB &C8 EOR &FF \ P KYTB+3 KY16 Cancel docking computer EQUB &BE EOR &FF \ A KYTB+4 KY7 Fire lasers EQUB &BD EOR &FF \ X KYTB+5 KY5 Pitch up EQUB &BA EOR &FF \ J KYTB+6 KY14 In-system jump EQUB &AE EOR &FF \ S KYTB+7 KY6 Pitch down EQUB &AD EOR &FF \ C KYTB+8 KY15 Docking computer EQUB &9F EOR &FF \ TAB KYTB+9 KY8 Energy bomb EQUB &9D EOR &FF \ Space KYTB+10 KY2 Speed up EQUB &9A EOR &FF \ M KYTB+11 KY12 Fire missile EQUB &99 EOR &FF \ < KYTB+12 KY3 Roll left EQUB &98 EOR &FF \ > KYTB+13 KY4 Roll right EQUB &97 EOR &FF \ ? KYTB+14 KY1 Slow down EQUB &8F EOR &FF \ ESCAPE KYTB+15 KY9 Launch escape pod EQUB &F0 \ This value just has to be higher than &80 to act as a \ terminator for the KYTB matching process in DKS1