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iNES header

[NES version]

NES ELITE GAME SOURCE (iNES HEADER) NES Elite was written by Ian Bell and David Braben and is copyright D. Braben and I. Bell 1991/1992 The code on this site has been reconstructed from a disassembly of the version released on Ian Bell's personal website at The commentary is copyright Mark Moxon, and any misunderstandings or mistakes in the documentation are entirely my fault The terminology and notations used in this commentary are explained at The deep dive articles referred to in this commentary can be found at
This source file produces the following binary file: * header.bin
INCLUDE "1-source-files/main-sources/elite-build-options.asm" _NTSC = (_VARIANT = 1) _PAL = (_VARIANT = 2)
ELITE iNES HEADER Produces the binary file header.bin.
CODE% = $8000 ; The address where the code will be run LOAD% = $8000 ; The address where the code will be loaded ORG CODE%
Name: iNES header [Show more] Type: Variable Category: Start and end Summary: The iNES header for running in an emulator Deep dive: Splitting NES Elite across multiple ROM banks
Context: See this variable on its own page References: No direct references to this variable in this source file
EQUS "NES" ; Bytes #0 to #2 = identification string for iNES file EQUB $1A ; Byte #3 = identification string terminator EQUB 8 ; Byte #4 = 8 pages of 16K ROM = 128K EQUB 0 ; Byte #5 = 0 = board uses CHR RAM EQUB %00010010 ; Byte #6 = mapper and WRAM configuration ; ; * Bit 1 set = Cartridge contains battery-backed RAM ; at $6000 to $7FFF ; ; * Bits 4-7 = mapper number, %0001 = MMC1 EQUB 0 ; Bytes #7 to #15 are zero and have no effect EQUD 0 EQUD 0
Save header.bin
PRINT "S.header.bin ", ~CODE%, " ", ~P%, " ", ~LOAD%, " ", ~LOAD% SAVE "3-assembled-output/header.bin", CODE%, P%, LOAD%