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Elite on the BBC Micro

Text: CTOK [Elite-A, Parasite]

Name: CTOK [Show more] Type: Macro Category: Text Summary: Macro definition for ship data in the encyclopedia's ship cards Deep dive: Extended text tokens
Context: See this macro in context in the source code References: No direct references to this macro in this source file

The following macro is used when building the ship data: CTOK n Insert recursive token [n] * Tokens 0-127 get stored as n + 128 The ship data tables work differently to the recursive token tables. Data is stored in the table as follows: Value Contents Macro ----- -------- ----- 0-31 Jump tokens EJMP 32-127 ASCII characters with no obfuscation EQUS 128-214 Recursive msg_3 text tokens (subtract 128 to get 0-86) CTOK 215-255 Extended two-letter tokens (subtract 215 to get 0-40) ETWO Printing of ship data is handled by the write_card routine. Arguments: n The number of the recursive token to insert into the table, in the range 0 to 127