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Elite on the BBC Micro

Different releases [Electron version]

This site contains the source code for just one release of the Electron version of Elite:

  • The release from the Stairway to Hell archive

There is also the version from Ian Bell's site, which I hope to analyse soon. There is definitely one more release out there that I haven't yet included on this site: Acornsoft SLG38 v1.0. This is the very first release of Electron Elite, which had a bug that stopped the galactic hyperdrive from working. It's possible that the version on Ian Bell's site is v1.0, as all the other versions on his site are the first releases, but I have yet to crack the copy protection to check. If this turns out to be a different release to the Stairway to Hell archive, I will add it here.

To play Elite with an SSD disc image, load the disc image into drive 0 and press SHIFT-BREAK. To play Elite with a UEF tape image, load the image into the cassette player and enter CHAIN "ELITE".

The Stairway to Hell release

The version in the Stairway to Hell archive is a cracked version of the original Acornsoft release. It has all the known bugs fixed and the copy protection is disabled.

Default build in repositoryYes
Official releaseAcornsoft SLG38 v1.1
Build command parameterrelease=sth (optional)
Source code variableN/A
Download SSD disc imageOriginal, Flicker-free
Download UEF tape imageOriginal, Flicker-free