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Elite on the BBC Micro

Main loop: Main game loop (Part 5 of 6) (Cassette version)

Name: Main game loop (Part 5 of 6) [View in context] Type: Subroutine [Compare versions] Category: Main loop Summary: Cool down lasers, make calls to update the dashboard Deep dive: Program flow of the main game loop The dashboard indicators
This is the first half of the minimal game loop, which we iterate when we are docked. This section covers the following: * Cool down lasers * Make calls to update the dashboard Other entry points: MLOOP The entry point for the main game loop. This entry point comes after the call to the main flight loop and spawning routines, so it marks the start of the main game loop for when we are docked (as we don't need to call the main flight loop or spawning routines if we aren't in space)
.MLOOP LDA #%00000001 \ Set 6522 System VIA interrupt enable register IER STA VIA+&4E \ (SHEILA &4E) bit 1 (i.e. disable the CA2 interrupt, \ which comes from the keyboard) LDX #&FF \ Set the stack pointer to &01FF, which is the standard TXS \ location for the 6502 stack, so this instruction \ effectively resets the stack LDX GNTMP \ If the laser temperature in GNTMP is non-zero, BEQ EE20 \ decrement it (i.e. cool it down a bit) DEC GNTMP .EE20 JSR DIALS \ Call DIALS to update the dashboard LDA QQ11 \ If this is a space view, skip the following four BEQ P%+11 \ instructions (i.e. jump to JSR TT17 below) AND PATG \ If PATG = &FF (author names are shown on start-up) LSR A \ and bit 0 of QQ11 is 1 (the current view is type 1), BCS P%+5 \ then skip the following instruction JSR DELAY-5 \ Delay for 8 vertical syncs (8/50 = 0.16 seconds), to \ slow the main loop down a bit JSR TT17 \ Scan the keyboard for the cursor keys or joystick, \ returning the cursor's delta values in X and Y and \ the key pressed in A