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Elite on the BBC Micro

Text: MESS (Disc version)

Name: MESS [View in context] Type: Subroutine [Compare versions] Category: Text Summary: Display an in-flight message
Display an in-flight message in capitals at the bottom of the space view, erasing any existing in-flight message first. Arguments: A The text token to be printed
.MESS LDX #0 \ Set QQ17 = 0 to switch to ALL CAPS STX QQ17 LDY #9 \ Move the text cursor to column 9, row 22, at the STY XC \ bottom middle of the screen, and set Y = 22 LDY #22 STY YC CPX DLY \ If the message delay in DLY is not zero, jump up to BNE me1 \ me1 to erase the current message first (whose token \ number will be in MCH) STY DLY \ Set the message delay in DLY to 22 STA MCH \ Set MCH to the token we are about to display \ Fall through into mes9 to print the token in A