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Elite on the BBC Micro

Version analysis of TT214

This code appears in the following versions (click to see it in the source code):

Code variations between these versions are shown below.

Name: TT214 Type: Subroutine Category: Inventory Summary: Ask a question with a "Y/N?" prompt and return the response
Arguments: A The text token to print before the "Y/N?" prompt Returns: C flag Set if the response was "yes", clear otherwise

Code variation 1 of 2Related to a standard feature

In the cassette version, there's an extra space before the "Y/N?" prompt in the Buy Cargo and Sell Cargo screens compared to the other versions.

This variation is blank in the Disc (docked), 6502 Second Processor and Master versions.

Cassette, Electron

PHA \ Print a space, using the stack to preserve the value JSR TT162 \ of A PLA

 JSR TT27               \ Print the text token in A

Code variation 2 of 2Minor and very low-impact

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Cassette, Electron

Docked, 6502SP, Master

LDA #225 \ Print recursive token 65 ("(Y/N)?") JSR TT27
LDA #206 \ Print extended token 206 ("{all caps}(Y/N)?") JSR DETOK
 JSR TT217              \ Scan the keyboard until a key is pressed, and return
                        \ the key's ASCII code in A and X

 ORA #%00100000         \ Set bit 5 in the value of the key pressed, which
                        \ converts it to lower case

 CMP #'y'               \ If "y" was pressed, jump to TT218
 BEQ TT218

 LDA #'n'               \ Otherwise jump to TT26 to print "n" and return from
 JMP TT26               \ the subroutine using a tail call (so all other
                        \ responses apart from "y" indicate a no)


 JSR TT26               \ Print the character in A, i.e. print "y"

 SEC                    \ Set the C flag to indicate a "yes" response

 RTS                    \ Return from the subroutine

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