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Elite on the BBC Micro

Buying ships: n_load [Elite-A, Docked]

Name: n_load [Show more] Type: Subroutine Category: Buying ships Summary: Load the name and flight characteristics for the current ship type Deep dive: Buying and flying ships in Elite-A
Context: See this subroutine in context in the source code References: This subroutine is called as follows: * DFAULT calls n_load * n_buyship calls n_load
\ --- Mod: Whole section added for Elite-A: -----------> .n_load LDY cmdr_type \ Set Y to the type of our current ship, which is stored \ in new_type LDX new_offsets,Y \ Set X to the offset, measured from new_ships, for this \ ship's details block, so X now points to the offset of \ the first character of the ship's type in the \ new_ships table, as well as the first byte of flight \ characteristics data in new_details LDY #0 \ We now want to do two things: \ \ * Update extended text token 132 in the QQ18 table \ with the name of the ship type, so that printing \ token 132 always shows the current ship type \ \ * Copy the flight characteristics of the specified \ ship type from the new_details table to our \ current ship data block, which is stored between \ new_pulse and new_max \ \ We can do these two at the same time in one loop, so \ set a counter in Y to count through the above .n_lname CPY #9 \ If Y >= 9, jump to n_linfo to skip copying the name, BCS n_linfo \ as the ship type contains a maximum of 9 characters or \ tokens, and there are more than 9 bytes of flight \ characteristics data LDA new_ships,X \ Set A to the character/token we want to fetch from \ the new_ships table EOR #35 \ Tokens in the new_ships table are stored as token \ numbers that are not EOR'd with 35, but the extended \ text token table at QQ18 expects all tokens to be \ obfuscated, so we add the obfuscation here STA new_name,Y \ Store the obfuscated character/token into extended \ text token 132 at the Y-th character of new_name .n_linfo \ We now want to copy the flight characteristics data \ for this ship type LDA new_details,X \ Set A to the flight characteristic byte we want to \ fetch from the new_details table STA new_pulse,Y \ And store it in the Y-th byte of the new_pulse block \ to set our current ship accordingly INX \ Increment the offset so we can fetch the next \ character (for the name) and the next byte (for the \ flight characteristics) INY \ Increment the loop counter CPY #13 \ If Y < 13 then we still have data to copy, so loop BNE n_lname \ back to n_lname until we have copied 9 characters from \ the name and 13 bytes of flight characteristics LDA new_max \ Set the minimum roll/pitch rate in new_min to 255 - EOR #%11111110 \ the maximum roll/pitch rate, which we can achieve STA new_min \ by EOR'ing with %11111110 LDY #11 \ We now work our way through the equipment that takes \ up space in the hold, and reduce the amount of free \ space for each item on the list that is fitted. The \ items that take up space are defined in the count_offs \ table, so set a counter in Y so we can work our way \ through the table, checking each of the items in turn .count_lasers LDX count_offs,Y \ Set X to the Y-th entry in the count_offs table, which \ contains offsets from LASER for each of the equipment \ items that take up space in the hold LDA LASER,X \ Check whether we have this item fitted, by testing BEQ count_sys \ whether LASER+X is zero, and if it is, then this item \ is not fitted, so skip the following instruction DEC new_hold \ The item at offset X is fitted, so decrement the free \ space in new_hold .count_sys DEY \ Decrement the loop counter in Y BPL count_lasers \ Loop back to process the next item of equipment until \ we have checked them all and reduced the free space \ accordingly RTS \ Return from the subroutine \ --- End of added section ---------------------------->