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Elite on the BBC Micro and NES

List of all workspaces

[BBC Micro cassette version]

This index contains every workspace that appears in the source code for the BBC Micro cassette version of Elite, grouped by category. A workspace is defined as a collection of variables, defined in a block.


K%Ship data blocks and ship line heaps
S%Vector addresses, compass colour and configuration settings
T%Current commander data and stardust data blocks
UU% (Loader)Marker for a block that is moved as part of the obfuscation
WPShip slots, variables
XX3Temporary storage space for complex calculations
ZPLots of important variables are stored in the zero page workspace as it is quicker and more space-efficient to access memory here
ZP (Big Code file)Important variables used by the loader
ZP (Loader)Important variables used by the loader