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Elite on the BBC Micro and NES

Text: JMTB

[BBC Micro disc version, Docked]

Name: JMTB [Show more] Type: Variable Category: Text Summary: The extended token table for jump tokens 1-32 (DETOK) Deep dive: Extended text tokens
Context: See this variable in context in the source code Variations: See code variations for this variable in the different versions References: This variable is used as follows: * DETOK2 uses JMTB
.JMTB EQUW MT1 \ Token 1: Switch to ALL CAPS EQUW MT2 \ Token 2: Switch to Sentence Case EQUW TT27 \ Token 3: Print the selected system name EQUW TT27 \ Token 4: Print the commander's name EQUW MT5 \ Token 5: Switch to extended tokens EQUW MT6 \ Token 6: Switch to standard tokens, in Sentence Case EQUW DASC \ Token 7: Beep EQUW MT8 \ Token 8: Tab to column 6 EQUW MT9 \ Token 9: Clear screen, tab to column 1, view type = 1 EQUW DASC \ Token 10: Line feed EQUW NLIN4 \ Token 11: Draw box around title (line at pixel row 19) EQUW DASC \ Token 12: Carriage return EQUW MT13 \ Token 13: Switch to lower case EQUW MT14 \ Token 14: Switch to justified text EQUW MT15 \ Token 15: Switch to left-aligned text EQUW MT16 \ Token 16: Print the character in DTW7 (drive number) EQUW MT17 \ Token 17: Print system name adjective in Sentence Case EQUW MT18 \ Token 18: Randomly print 1 to 4 two-letter tokens EQUW MT19 \ Token 19: Capitalise first letter of next word only EQUW DASC \ Token 20: Unused EQUW CLYNS \ Token 21: Clear the bottom few lines of the space view EQUW PAUSE \ Token 22: Display ship and wait for key press EQUW MT23 \ Token 23: Move to row 10, white text, set lower case EQUW PAUSE2 \ Token 24: Wait for a key press EQUW BRIS \ Token 25: Show incoming message screen, wait 2 seconds EQUW MT26 \ Token 26: Fetch line input from keyboard (filename) EQUW MT27 \ Token 27: Print mission captain's name (217-219) EQUW MT28 \ Token 28: Print mission 1 location hint (220-221) EQUW MT29 \ Token 29: Column 6, white text, lower case in words EQUW DASC \ Token 30: Unused EQUW DASC \ Token 31: Unused EQUW DASC \ Token 32: Unused