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Elite on the BBC Micro

Text: TT27

[BBC Micro disc version, Flight]

Name: TT27 [Show more] Type: Subroutine Category: Text Summary: Print a text token Deep dive: Printing text tokens
Context: See this subroutine in context in the source code References: This subroutine is called as follows: * NLIN3 calls TT27 * TT151 calls TT27 * TT162 calls TT27 * TT210 calls TT27 * TT213 calls TT27 * TT22 calls TT27 * TT25 calls TT27 * TT43 calls TT27 * TT60 calls TT27 * TT67 calls TT27 * TT68 calls TT27 * TT70 calls TT27 * TTX66 calls TT27 * cpl calls TT27 * ex calls TT27 * fwl calls TT27 * hyp calls TT27 * mes9 calls TT27 * plf calls TT27 * prq calls TT27 * spc calls TT27

Print a text token (i.e. a character, control code, two-letter token or recursive token). Arguments: A The text token to be printed
.TT27 TAX \ Copy the token number from A to X. We can then keep \ decrementing X and testing it against zero, while \ keeping the original token number intact in A; this \ effectively implements a switch statement on the \ value of the token BEQ csh \ If token = 0, this is control code 0 (current amount \ of cash and newline), so jump to csh BMI TT43 \ If token > 127, this is either a two-letter token \ (128-159) or a recursive token (160-255), so jump \ to TT43 to process tokens DEX \ If token = 1, this is control code 1 (current galaxy BEQ tal \ number), so jump to tal DEX \ If token = 2, this is control code 2 (current system BEQ ypl \ name), so jump to ypl DEX \ If token > 3, skip the following instruction BNE P%+5 JMP cpl \ This token is control code 3 (selected system name) \ so jump to cpl DEX \ If token = 4, this is control code 4 (commander BEQ cmn \ name), so jump to cmm DEX \ If token = 5, this is control code 5 (fuel, newline, BEQ fwl \ cash, newline), so jump to fwl DEX \ If token > 6, skip the following three instructions BNE P%+7 LDA #%10000000 \ This token is control code 6 (switch to Sentence STA QQ17 \ Case), so set bit 7 of QQ17 to switch to Sentence Case RTS \ and return from the subroutine as we are done DEX \ If token > 8, skip the following two instructions DEX BNE P%+5 STX QQ17 \ This token is control code 8 (switch to ALL CAPS), so RTS \ set QQ17 to 0 to switch to ALL CAPS and return from \ the subroutine as we are done DEX \ If token = 9, this is control code 9 (tab to column BEQ crlf \ 21 and print a colon), so jump to crlf CMP #96 \ By this point, token is either 7, or in 10-127. BCS ex \ Check token number in A and if token >= 96, then the \ token is in 96-127, which is a recursive token, so \ jump to ex, which prints recursive tokens in this \ range (i.e. where the recursive token number is \ correct and doesn't need correcting) CMP #14 \ If token < 14, skip the following two instructions BCC P%+6 CMP #32 \ If token < 32, then this means token is in 14-31, so BCC qw \ this is a recursive token that needs 114 adding to it \ to get the recursive token number, so jump to qw \ which will do this \ By this point, token is either 7 (beep) or in 10-13 \ (line feeds and carriage returns), or in 32-95 \ (ASCII letters, numbers and punctuation) LDX QQ17 \ Fetch QQ17, which controls letter case, into X BEQ TT74 \ If QQ17 = 0, then ALL CAPS is set, so jump to TT74 \ to print this character as is (i.e. as a capital) BMI TT41 \ If QQ17 has bit 7 set, then we are using Sentence \ Case, so jump to TT41, which will print the \ character in upper or lower case, depending on \ whether this is the first letter in a word BIT QQ17 \ If we get here, QQ17 is not 0 and bit 7 is clear, so BVS TT46 \ either it is bit 6 that is set, or some other flag in \ QQ17 is set (bits 0-5). So check whether bit 6 is set. \ If it is, then ALL CAPS has been set (as bit 7 is \ clear) but bit 6 is still indicating that the next \ character should be printed in lower case, so we need \ to fix this. We do this with a jump to TT46, which \ will print this character in upper case and clear bit \ 6, so the flags are consistent with ALL CAPS going \ forward \ If we get here, some other flag is set in QQ17 (one \ of bits 0-5 is set), which shouldn't happen in this \ version of Elite. If this were the case, then we \ would fall through into TT42 to print in lower case, \ which is how printing all words in lower case could \ be supported (by setting QQ17 to 1, say)