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Elite on the BBC Micro

Save and load: BRKBK (6502SP version)

Name: BRKBK [View in context] Type: Subroutine [Compare versions] Category: Save and load Summary: Set the standard BRKV handler for the game
BRKV is set to this routine by the BRKBK routine, which is called by the decryption routine at DEEOR just before the game is run for the first time, and at the end of the SVE routine after the disc access menu has been processed (so this resets BRKV to the standard BRKV handler for the game).
.BRKBK LDA #LO(BRBR) \ Set BRKV to point to the BRBR routine, disabling SEI \ interrupts while we make the change and re-enabling STA BRKV \ them once we are done LDA #HI(BRBR) STA BRKV+1 CLI RTS \ Return from the subroutine