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Elite on the BBC Micro

Workspaces: XX3

[BBC Micro cassette version]

Name: XX3 [Show more] Type: Workspace Address: &0100 to the top of the descending stack Category: Workspaces Summary: Temporary storage space for complex calculations
Context: See this workspace in context in the source code References: This workspace is used as follows: * DOEXP uses XX3 * LL62 uses XX3 * LL9 (Part 10 of 12) uses XX3 * LL9 (Part 2 of 12) uses XX3 * LL9 (Part 8 of 12) uses XX3 * LL9 (Part 9 of 12) uses XX3 * SFS1 uses XX3

Used as heap space for storing temporary data during calculations. Shared with the descending 6502 stack, which works down from &01FF.
ORG &0100 .XX3 SKIP 0 \ Temporary storage, typically used for storing tables \ of values such as screen coordinates or ship data