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Elite on the BBC Micro and NES

Text: FONT%

[6502 Second Processor version, I/O processor]

Name: FONT% [Show more] Type: Variable Category: Text Summary: A copy of the character definition bitmap table from the MOS ROM
Context: See this variable in context in the source code Variations: See code variations for this variable in the different versions References: This variable is used as follows: * TT26 uses FONT%

This is used by the TT26 routine to save time looking up the character bitmaps from the ROM. Note that FONT% contains just the high byte (i.e. the page number) of the address of this table, rather than the full address. The contents of the P.FONT.bin file included here are taken straight from the following three pages in the BBC Micro OS 1.20 ROM: ASCII 32-63 are defined in &C000-&C0FF (page 0) ASCII 64-95 are defined in &C100-&C1FF (page 1) ASCII 96-126 are defined in &C200-&C2F0 (page 2) The code could look these values up each time (as the cassette version does), but it's quicker to use a lookup table, at the expense of three pages of memory. The Executive version uses a different font to the standard OS, which is included in the P.FONTEX.bin file. This means all in-game text uses this new font, which is based on the 1960s Westminster font. The font style is similar to the machine-readable font on cheques, and is in a style that we would now call "retro-futuristic" (though presumably it was just "futuristic" back in 1984).
ORG CODE% FONT% = P% DIV 256 IF _SNG45 OR _SOURCE_DISC INCBIN "1-source-files/fonts/P.FONT.bin" ELIF _EXECUTIVE INCBIN "1-source-files/fonts/P.FONTEX.bin" ENDIF