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Mark Moxon's Software Archaeology

Fully documented source code for Elite, Revs, Lander, Aviator and more

Elite running in the b2 emulator

My name is Mark Moxon and I'm a software archaeologist and reverse engineer. I love analysing old code, and my aim is to create the best code disassemblies you have ever seen. These are my projects:

  • Elite on the BBC Micro and NES contains fully documented source code for this seminal space sim from 1984, including more than 100 deep dives into the code and lots of interesting Elite hacks.
  • Aviator on the BBC Micro dissects and documents Geoff Crammond's first simulator, analysing everything from the aerodynamic model of the Spitfire to the flicker-free drawing routines.
  • Revs on the BBC Micro examines every single instruction in Geoff Crammond's masterpiece, which is regarded as the grandfather of modern racing sims and is still mind-blowing today.
  • Lander on the Acorn Archimedes pulls apart the first ever game for the ARM platform, which also happens to be David Braben's second masterpiece (after Elite, of course).
  • Acornsoft box screenshots contains every box screenshot from every Acornsoft game. Each screenshot has been carefully reconstructed, pixel by pixel and entirely by hand, using scans of the original boxes, magazines and brochures for reference.

If you'd like to find out more, then you might enjoy watching my talks and presentations.

Building Elite from the Elite library repository

If you want to know how I create my disassembly websites and repositories, check out the section on creating my disassembly websites.

Right on, Commanders!

Mark Moxon