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Elite on the BBC Micro and NES

An introduction to Teletext Elite

The disc version of BBC Micro Elite, converted to run in teletext

Teletext Elite title screen

Teletext Elite is the full and unabridged disc version of BBC Micro Elite, converted to run in the BBC Micro's teletext screen mode (so it looks like Ceefax and Oracle). For those of us of a certain age, this is peak 1980s nostalgia.

Visit the downloads page to get hold of a copy, or check out the instructions or technical information for more details.

Or keep reading to find out why Teletext Elite exists in the first place...

Why Teletext Elite?

When Kieran Connell of the Bitshifters asked me if I'd like to take the sixel line-drawing routines from their amazing Teletextr mode 7 demo and apply them to Elite, this was such a bonkers suggestion that I couldn't say no. After all, it was Kieran's own Elite disassembly that got me into Elite analysis in the first place, and his original aim for that project had been to create a teletext version of Elite. Unfortunately he hadn't had time to tackle it himself, but perhaps I'd like to have a go?

Neither of us thought that we would end up creating a version of Elite with a charm all of its own. Teletext Elite is not only very playable, but it really hits the 1980s nostalgia button. I even spent time converting the iconic loading screen, for maximum enjoyment:

Teletext Elite loading screen

Creating a loving and 100% faithful conversion of Elite in teletext has been an absolute delight, and I hope you enjoy the results as much as we've enjoyed making it.

To get your sixels all excited, here are a couple of videos. The first one shows various trading screens (including the Galfax variant of the Market Prices screen), with a launch into space and a hyperspace jump:

And here's a clip of some deep-space fighting in the outer reaches of the agricultural anarchy system of Riedquat, just a small hop from Lave:

Finally, here are some screenshots of the main trading screens:

Teletext Elite Status Mode screen Teletext Elite Data on System screen Teletext Elite Short-range Chart Teletext Elite Market Prices screen