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Elite on the BBC Micro

Drawing lines: BOMBLINES

[BBC Master version]

Name: BOMBLINES [Show more] Type: Subroutine Category: Drawing lines Summary: Draw the zig-zag lightning bolt for the energy bomb
Context: See this subroutine in context in the source code References: This subroutine is called as follows: * BOMBFX calls BOMBLINES * BOMBINIT calls BOMBLINES * LOOK1 calls BOMBLINES * Main flight loop (Part 13 of 16) calls BOMBLINES
.BOMBLINES LDA #CYAN \ Change the current colour to cyan STA COL LDA QQ11 \ If the current view is non-zero (i.e. not a space BNE BOMBEX \ view), return from the subroutine (as BOMBEX contains \ an RTS) LDY #1 \ We now want to loop through the 10 (BOMBX, BOMBY) \ coordinates, drawing a total of 9 lines between them \ to make the lightning effect, so set an index in Y \ to point to the end-point for each line, starting with \ the second coordinate pair LDA BOMBX \ Store the first coordinate pair from (BOMBX, BOMBY) in STA XX12 \ (XX12, XX12+1) LDA BOMBY STA XX12+1 .BOMBL1 LDA XX12 \ Set (X1, Y1) = (XX12, XX12+1) STA X1 \ LDA XX12+1 \ so the start point for this line STA Y1 LDA BOMBX,Y \ Set X2 = Y-th x-coordinate from BOMBX STA X2 STA XX12 \ Set XX12 = X2 LDA BOMBY,Y \ Set Y2 = Y-th y-coordinate from BOMBY, so we now have: STA Y2 \ \ (X2, Y2) = Y-th coordinate from (BOMBX, BOMBY) STA XX12+1 \ Set XX12+1 = Y2, so we now have \ \ (XX12, XX12+1) = (X2, Y2) \ \ so in the next loop iteration, the start point of the \ line will be the end point of this line, making the \ zig-zag lines all join up like a lightning bolt JSR LL30 \ Draw a line from (X1, Y1) to (X2, Y2) INY \ Increment the loop counter CPY #10 \ If Y < 10, loop back until we have drawn all the lines BCC BOMBL1 .BOMBEX RTS \ Return from the subroutine