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Elite on the BBC Micro

Drawing lines: BOMBINIT [Master version]

Name: BOMBINIT [Show more] Type: Subroutine Category: Drawing lines Summary: Randomise and draw the energy bomb's zig-zag lightning bolt lines
Context: See this subroutine in context in the source code References: This subroutine is called as follows: * Main flight loop (Part 3 of 16) calls BOMBINIT
.BOMBINIT LDY #0 \ We first need to generate 10 random coordinates for a \ zig-zag lightning bolt, with the x-coordinates in the \ table at BOMBX and the y-coordinates in the table at \ BOMBY, so set a counter in Y as an index to point at \ each coordinate as we create them \ \ Note that we generate the points from right to left, \ so that's high x-coordinate to low x-coordinate .BOMBSL1 JSR DORND \ Set A and X to random numbers and reduce A to a AND #127 \ random number in the range 0-127 ADC #3 \ Add 3 so A is now in the range 3-130, so the smallest \ possible value gives a y-coordinate just below the top \ border, and the highest possible value gives a \ y-coordinate that's around two-thirds of the way down \ the space view STA BOMBY,Y \ Store A in the Y-th byte of BOMBY, as the y-coordinate \ of the Y-th point in our lightning bolt TXA \ Fetch the random number from X into A and reduce it to AND #31 \ the range 0-31 CLC \ Add the Y-th value from BOMBSTEP table, which contains ADC BOMBSTEP,Y \ the smallest possible x-coordinate for the Y-th point \ (so the coordinates in the bolt will step along the \ screen from right to left, but with varying step \ sizes) STA BOMBX,Y \ Store A in the Y-th byte of BOMBX, as the x-coordinate \ of the Y-th point in our lightning bolt INY \ Increment the loop index CPY #10 \ Loop back to generate the next coordinate until we BCC BOMBSL1 \ have generated all ten LDX #0 \ Set BOMBX+9 = 0, so the lightning bolt starts at the STX BOMBX+9 \ left edge of the screen DEX \ Set BOMBX = 255, so the lightning bolt ends at the STX BOMBX \ right edge of the screen BCS BOMBLINES \ Call BOMBLINES to draw the newly generated zig-zag \ lightning bolt and return from the subroutine using a \ tail call (this BCS is effectively a JMP as we passed \ through the BCC above)