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BBC Micro Elite

Galaxy and system seeds

How system data is extracted from the galaxy and system seeds
References: TT20, TT24, TT25, cpl, SOLAR, QQ15, QQ21
  Famously, Elite's galaxy and system data is generated procedurally, using a
  set of three 16-bit seed numbers and the Tribonnaci series. You can read all
  about this process in the deep dives on "Generating system data", "Galaxy and
  system seeds" and "Twisting the system seeds", as well as the galaxy
  twisting process in Ghy.
  The three seeds are stored as little-endian 16-bit numbers, so the low (least
  significant) byte is first followed by the high (most significant) byte. That
  means if the seeds are w0, w1 and w2, they are stored like this:
        low byte  high byte
    w0  QQ15      QQ15+1
    w1  QQ15+2    QQ15+3
    w2  QQ15+4    QQ15+5
  In this documentation, we denote the low byte of w0 as w0_lo and the high byte
  as w0_hi, and so on for w1_lo, w1_hi, w2_lo and w2_hi.
  The seeds for the selected system are stored at QQ15, while the seeds for the
  current galaxy are in QQ21.
  Here's a summary of which bits in which seeds are used to generate the various
  bits of data in the universe. The routine names where these data are generated
  are shown at the end (TT25 etc.).
     w0_hi    w0_lo    w1_hi    w1_lo    w2_hi    w2_lo
  76543210 76543210 76543210 76543210 76543210 76543210
                                         ^^^----------- Species adjective 1 TT25
                                      ^^^-------------- Species adjective 2 TT25
        ^^----------------^^--------------------------- Species adjective 3 TT25
                                            ^^--------- Species type        TT25
                    ^^^^^^^^--------------^^^^--------- Average radius      TT25
                               ^^^--------------------- Government type     TT24
        ^^--------------------------------------------- Prosperity level    TT24
        ^---------------------------------------------- Economy type        TT24
                          ^^--------------------------- Tech level          TT24
                    ^^^^^^^^--------------------------- Galactic x-coord    TT24
  ^^^^^^^^--------------------------------------------- Galactic y-coord    TT24
                                                ^-^---- Long-range dot size TT22
                                                      ^ Short-range size    TT23
            ^------------------------------------------ Name length          cpl
                                         ^^^^^--------- Name token (x4)      cpl
       ^^^--------------------------------------------- Planet distance    SOLAR
                         ^^^--------------------------- Sun distance       SOLAR
                                            ^^--------- Sun x-y offset     SOLAR
  76543210 76543210 76543210 76543210 76543210 76543210
     w0_hi    w0_lo    w1_hi    w1_lo    w2_hi    w2_lo