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Elite on the BBC Micro

Loader: Elite loader (Part 4 of 4) (Disc version)

Name: Elite loader (Part 4 of 4) [View in context] Type: Subroutine Category: Loader Summary: Load and run the ELITE4 loader
.ENTRY4 LDX #LO(MESS1) \ Set (Y X) to point to MESS1 ("LOAD Elite4") LDY #HI(MESS1) JSR OSCLI \ Call OSCLI to run the OS command in MESS1, which loads \ the ELITE4 binary to its load address of &1900 LDA #21 \ Call OSBYTE with A = 21 and X = 0 to flush the LDX #0 \ keyboard buffer JSR OSBYTE LDA #201 \ Call OSBYTE with A = 201, X = 1 and Y = 1 to re-enable LDX #1 \ the keyboard, which we disabled in the first loader LDY #1 JSR OSBYTE JMP &197B \ Jump to the start of the ELITE4 loader code at &197B SKIP 15 \ These bytes appear to be unused