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Elite on the BBC Micro

Version analysis of FRIN

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 SKIP NOSH + 1          \ Slots for the ships in the local bubble of universe
                        \ There are #NOSH + 1 slots, but the ship-spawning
                        \ routine at NWSHP only populates #NOSH of them, so

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Cassette, Flight, Docked, Electron


\ there are 13 slots but only 12 are used for ships
\ there are 21 slots but only 20 are used for ships
                        \ (the last slot is effectively used as a null
                        \ terminator when shuffling the slots down in the
                        \ KILLSHP routine)
                        \ See the deep dive on "The local bubble of universe"
                        \ for details of how Elite stores the local universe in
                        \ FRIN, UNIV and K%

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