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BBC Micro Elite

Utility routines: DELAY

Name: DELAY [View in context] Type: Subroutine Category: Utility routines Summary: Wait for a specified time, in 1/50s of a second
Wait for the number of vertical syncs given in Y, so this effectively waits for Y/50 of a second (as the vertical sync occurs 50 times a second). Arguments: Y The number of vertical sync events to wait for Other entry points: DEL8 Wait for 8/50 of a second (0.16 seconds) DELAY-5 Wait for 2/50 of a second (0.04 seconds).
{ LDY #2 \ Set Y to 2 vertical syncs EQUB &2C \ Skip the next instruction by turning it into \ &2C &A0 &08, or BIT &08A0, which does nothing bar \ affecting the flags .^DEL8 LDY #8 \ Set Y to 8 vertical syncs and fall through into DELAY \ to wait for this long .^DELAY JSR WSCAN \ Call WSCAN to wait for the vertical sync, so the whole \ screen gets drawn DEY \ Decrement the counter in Y BNE DELAY \ If Y isn't yet at zero, jump back to DELAY to wait \ for another vertical sync RTS \ Return from the subroutine }