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BBC Micro Elite

Universe: TT54

Name: TT54 [View in context] Type: Subroutine Category: Universe Summary: Twist the selected system's seeds Deep dive: Twisting the system seeds
This routine twists the three 16-bit seeds in QQ15 once.
.TT54 LDA QQ15 \ X = tmp_lo = w0_lo + w1_lo CLC ADC QQ15+2 TAX LDA QQ15+1 \ Y = tmp_hi = w1_hi + w1_hi + C ADC QQ15+3 TAY LDA QQ15+2 \ w0_lo = w1_lo STA QQ15 LDA QQ15+3 \ w0_hi = w1_hi STA QQ15+1 LDA QQ15+5 \ w1_hi = w2_hi STA QQ15+3 LDA QQ15+4 \ w1_lo = w2_lo STA QQ15+2 CLC \ w2_lo = X + w1_lo TXA ADC QQ15+2 STA QQ15+4 TYA \ w2_hi = Y + w1_hi + C ADC QQ15+3 STA QQ15+5 RTS \ The twist is complete so return from the subroutine