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BBC Micro Elite

Universe: NWSPS

Name: NWSPS [View in context] Type: Subroutine Category: Universe Summary: Add a new space station to our local bubble of universe
.NWSPS { JSR SPBLB \ Light up the space station bulb on the dashboard LDX #1 \ Set the AI flag in byte #32 to 1 (friendly, no AI, has STX INWK+32 \ E.C.M.) DEX \ Set pitch counter to 0 (no pitch, roll only) STX INWK+30 \STX INWK+31 \ This instruction is commented out in the original \ source. It would set the exploding state and missile \ count to 0 STX FRIN+1 \ Set the sun/space station slot at FRIN+1 to 0, to \ indicate we should show the space station rather than \ the sun DEX \ Set roll counter to 255 (maximum roll with no STX INWK+29 \ damping) LDX #10 \ Call NwS1 to flip the sign of nosev_x_hi (byte #10) JSR NwS1 JSR NwS1 \ And again to flip the sign of nosev_y_hi (byte #12) JSR NwS1 \ And again to flip the sign of nosev_z_hi (byte #14) LDA #LO(LSO) \ Set bytes #33 and #34 to point to LSO for the ship STA INWK+33 \ line heap for the space station LDA #HI(LSO) STA INWK+34 LDA #SST \ Set A to the space station type, and fall through \ into NWSHP to finish adding the space station to the \ universe }