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BBC Micro Elite

Market: TT208

Name: TT208 [View in context] Type: Subroutine Category: Market Summary: Show the Sell Cargo screen (red key f2)
.TT208 { LDA #4 \ Clear the top part of the screen, draw a white border, JSR TT66 \ and set the current view type in QQ11 to 4 (Sell \ Cargo screen) LDA #4 \ Move the text cursor to row 4, column 4 STA YC STA XC \JSR FLKB \ This instruction is commented out in the original \ source. It calls a routine to flush the keyboard \ buffer (FLKB) that isn't present in the cassette \ version but is in the disc version LDA #205 \ Print recursive token 45 ("SELL") JSR TT27 LDA #206 \ Print recursive token 46 (" CARGO{switch to sentence JSR TT68 \ case}") followed by a colon \ Fall through into TT210 to show the Inventory screen \ with the option to sell }