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BBC Micro Elite

Market: ITEM

Name: ITEM [View in context] Type: Macro Category: Market Summary: Macro definition for the market prices table
The following macro is used to build the market prices table: ITEM price, factor, units, quantity, mask It inserts an item into the market prices table at QQ23, with the following attributes: Arguments: price Base price factor Economic factor units Units: "t", "g" or "k" quantity Base quantity mask Fluctuations mask
MACRO ITEM price, factor, units, quantity, mask IF factor < 0 s = 1 << 7 ELSE s = 0 ENDIF IF units = 't' u = 0 ELIF units = 'k' u = 1 << 5 ELSE u = 1 << 6 ENDIF e = ABS(factor) EQUB price EQUB s + u + e EQUB quantity EQUB mask ENDMACRO