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BBC Micro Elite

Flight: TT110

Name: TT110 [View in context] Type: Subroutine Category: Flight Summary: Launch from a station or show the front space view
Launch the ship (if we are docked), or show the front space view (if we are already in space). Called when red key f0 is pressed while docked (launch), after we arrive in a new galaxy, or after a hyperspace if the current view is a space view.
.TT110 { LDX QQ12 \ If we are not docked (QQ12 = 0) then jump to NLUNCH BEQ NLUNCH JSR LAUN \ Show the space station launch tunnel JSR RES2 \ Reset a number of flight variables and workspaces JSR TT111 \ Select the system closest to galactic coordinates \ (QQ9, QQ10) INC INWK+8 \ Increment z_sign ready for the call to SOS, so the \ planet appears at a z_sign of 1 in front of us when \ we launch JSR SOS1 \ Call SOS1 to set up the planet's data block and add it \ to FRIN, where it will get put in the first slot as \ it's the first one to be added to our local bubble of \ universe following the call to RES2 above LDA #128 \ For the space station, set z_sign to &80, so it's STA INWK+8 \ behind us (&80 is negative) INC INWK+7 \ And increment z_hi, so it's only just behind us JSR NWSPS \ Add a new space station to our local bubble of \ universe LDA #12 \ Set our launch speed in DELTA to 12 STA DELTA JSR BAD \ Call BAD to work out how much illegal contraband we \ are carrying in our hold (A is up to 40 for a \ standard hold crammed with contraband, up to 70 for \ an extended cargo hold full of narcotics and slaves) ORA FIST \ OR the value in A with our legal status in FIST to \ get a new value that is at least as high as both \ values, to reflect the fact that launching with a \ hold full of contraband can only make matters worse STA FIST \ Update our legal status with the new value .NLUNCH LDX #0 \ Set QQ12 to 0 to indicate we are not docked STX QQ12 JMP LOOK1 \ Jump to LOOK1 to switch to the front view (X = 0), \ returning from the subroutine using a tail call }