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BBC Micro Elite

Workspaces: K% (6502SP version)

Name: K% [View in context] Type: Workspace Address: &8200 to &85FF Category: Workspaces Summary: Ship data blocks Deep dive: Ship data blocks
Contains ship data for all the ships, planets, suns and space stations in our local bubble of universe. The blocks are pointed to by the lookup table at location UNIV. The first 720 bytes of the K% workspace hold ship data on up to 20 ships, with 36 (NI%) bytes per ship. See the deep dive on "Ship data blocks" for details on ship data blocks, and the deep dive on "The local bubble of universe" for details of how Elite stores the local universe in K%, FRIN and UNIV.
ORG &8200 .K% SKIP 0 \ Ship data blocks and ship line heap