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BBC Micro Elite

Save and load: GTNMEW (6502SP version)

Name: GTNMEW [View in context] Type: Subroutine Category: Save and load Summary: Fetch the name of a commander file to save or load
Returns: INWK The full filename, including drive and directory, in the form ":0.E.JAMESON", for example
.GTNMEW \LDY #8 \ These instructions are commented out in the original \JSR DELAY \ source .GTNME LDX #4 \ First we want to copy the drive and directory part of \ the commander file from S1% (which equals NA%-5), so \ set a counter in x for 5 bytes, as the string is of \ the form ":0.E." .GTL3 LDA NA%-5,X \ Copy the X-th byte from NA%-5 to INWK STA INWK,X DEX \ Decrement the loop counter BPL GTL3 \ Loop back until the whole drive and directory string \ has been copied to INWK to INWK+4 LDA #7 \ The call to MT26 below uses the OSWORD block at RLINE STA RLINE+2 \ to fetch the line, and RLINE+2 defines the maximum \ line length allowed, so this changes the maximum \ length to 7 (as that's the longest commander name \ allowed) LDA #8 \ Print extended token 8 ("{single cap}COMMANDER'S JSR DETOK \ NAME? ") JSR MT26 \ Call MT26 to fetch a line of text from the keyboard \ to INWK+5, with the text length in Y, so INWK now \ contains the full pathname of the file, as in \ ":0.E.JAMESON", for example LDA #9 \ Reset the maximum length in RLINE+2 to the original STA RLINE+2 \ value of 9 TYA \ Copy the length of the entered name into A BEQ TR1 \ If A = 0, no name was entered, so jump to TR1 to \ restore the original name from NA% to INWK+5 RTS \ Return from the subroutine